Want a Classier Home Life Without a Big Bill? Try a Home Automation System from Crimetek!

In days gone by, living comfortably involved having the wealth to run a big house and employ a flock of servants. Household staffs have disappeared for all but the very wealthiest people, but technology is stepping up to fill in the gaps. A good home automation system can make it feel like you have expert employees in your home, catering to your every whim.

This is neither pie-in-the-sky dreaming nor an expensive luxury. Thanks to modern wireless technology, establishing a home automation system is a painless and surprisingly affordable proposition. Crimetek has installed automation features in dozens of homes, and in each case we’ve tailored the system to the particular needs and budget of the family.

A home automation system lets you enjoy complete control of virtually everything in your home no matter where you are, from lights and alarms to appliances and home theater equipment. Crimetek uses a quality control panel (like the 2GIG Go! panel) to tie your new home network together. You’ll be able to change settings with the flick of finger, whether you’re in the next room or the next state. Your system is fully accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection – including your cell phone. Make changes whenever you want, or set a schedule to adjust your home automatically.

If you’re ready to give home automation a try, don’t worry about going all-or-nothing. Crimetek’s systems are modular and easily expandable. Start with a basic set-up to handle, say, your alarm and thermostat. We’re confident that the convenience and simplicity of a basic system will convince you of the value of home automation.