Trust the Experts in New Orleans Home Theater Installation

Crimetek handles all sorts of advanced home electronics, from home automation to alarm installation. We’re also one of the best New Orleans home theater companies you can find. If you’re ready to put together a home theater setup that will be the crowning jewel of your home, we’ll help you realize your dream!

Why work with an expert on your home theater project? Because your money goes a lot further when you have professional assistance! “Home theater” should mean more than “TV with some surround-sound speakers.” Crimetek delivers the most immersive viewing experience possible with your budget. We’ll help select the best equipment and design a system that makes it all work together. Aesthetics are important, too: Your home theater setup should enhance the room even when it’s turned off. That’s one of the best features of a professional installation: You get a powerful audio-visual system that enhances your decor.

Calling on a New Orleans home theater professional like Crimetek also gives you access to the cutting edge of technology. Every day, electronics manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and we can bring the most futuristic effects right to your living room. A home theater that works with your wireless network or home automation system, 3 D, adaptive sound systems – the list of possibilities is always growing. Crimetek can make them realities for you!

The New Orleans home theater business is one local field where tradition doesn’t rule supreme. Building an outstanding home theater is all about the latest and greatest, and Crimetek is the name you can rely on to bring them into your home.