The Best Security Systems New Orleans Has to Offer are Wireless and Modular

Crimetek handles all of your networking needs – both wireless and hardwired – in the home. That definitely includes security equipment, and we have plenty of experience building the kinds of security systems New Orleans homeowners want. Here are some key features to look for in a good up-to-date security system:


Modern wireless technology means it’s easy to access a security system remotely using a smartphone or other Internet device. Crimetek recommends using a reliable control panel (like the 2!GIG Go panel) to provide this anytime access. Don’t worry, these connections are protected by industry-leading security measures.


Because a good security system needs to be flexible, it shouldn’t be hard to add more coverage at a later time. The security systems New Orleans calls for should be able to respond to changing security requirements. All of Crimetek’s wireless security systems are highly modular, allowing you to add on new alarms, cameras, security lights, or other equipment at any time.


Once you install a Crimetek security system, you want to be able to trust it for many years to come. Once again, wireless technology helps you out! Our security systems have dedicated connections, so that system maintenance, notifications, and updates all take place automatically. Your system should take care of itself – and if it doesn’t, it’ll notify you right away.

We’re proud to offer the kind of cutting-edge security systems New Orleans homeowners are looking for. Home security is important enough to justify a little attention, but it shouldn’t require constant vigilance. Our wireless systems make it easy for you to maintain the right level of security consciousness at all times.