The Alarm Systems New Orleans Homeowners Want are Highly Advanced

The march of technological progress brings constant improvement in every field, and home security is no exception. We’ve been designing the cutting-edge alarm systems New Orleans homeowners want for many years, and the possibilities are always changing. Today, the two most interesting features of a good security system are remote access and modularity. What do these things mean to you? Here’s a good explanation:

Modularity means it’s easy to expand your security network. Say the local security patrol reviews their data and informs you that the alley behind your home is a weak spot in the neighborhood’s security coverage. If you have a modular Crimetek security system, it’s easy to improve your own safety. Motion-sensitive floodlights will make the rear of your property less welcoming to thieves, and they’re easily incorporated into your overall system. Or you could opt for total awareness and add a camera in your alley – again, an easy installation.

What does remote access mean? It means you have total control over all of those security features no matter where you are. Let’s stick with our alleyway example. You’ve installed those motion-sensitive lights. The rest of your family is out of town, and you find yourself working later than you expected. This is no problem – you can turn those alley lights on without leaving your desk, because you have access to your security system through your cell phone.

When it comes to alarm systems New Orleans is ready for more than basic “door opens, call security company” alarms. Crimetek is out on the forefront of security technology, and we provide unparallelled protection at reasonable costs. Contact us to find out just how much safer you could be.