Mar 21, 2013

We Build Alarm Systems New Orleans Families Can Trust to Grow With Them

A healthy family is often a growing family, and that means you want security solutions that can expand along with your household. Crimetek provides the modular alarm systems New Orleans families need to ensure that they’re totally protected now and in the future. Say you’ve just bought a home so that you can settle down and raise a family. Security is suddenly much more important than it was when you were single! Crimetek helps you right from the start. If…Read More

Dec 23, 2012

The Alarm Systems New Orleans Homeowners Want are Highly Advanced

The march of technological progress brings constant improvement in every field, and home security is no exception. We’ve been designing the cutting-edge alarm systems New Orleans homeowners want for many years, and the possibilities are always changing. Today, the two most interesting features of a good security system are remote access and modularity. What do these things mean to you? Here’s a good explanation: Modularity means it’s easy to expand your security network. Say the local security patrol reviews their…Read More