Invest in Comfort and Convenience With a New Home Automation System

Today, homeowners are faced with a dizzying array of high-tech upgrades available for their houses. Picking the best place to devote your time and money can be tricky. Which improvements offer the best value for your money? Consider making a home automation system your next upgrade: It comes with a lot of benefits!

At the heart of any home automation system is a central control panel. Crimetek’s favorite is the 2GIG Go! control panel. This reliable piece of equipment serves as the centerpiece of any automation system, no matter what the size. Thanks to its modularity and wireless connectivity, it’s easy to expand a system based on a 2GIG panel. You can start small and add more services and appliances to your system over time.

Wireless access is the showpiece of any good home automation system. The ones Crimetek installs are no exception! You’ll be able to maintain total control over all of the equipment tied into your system, no matter where you are. With secure apps and online portals, your home is at your command from any Internet-enabled computer or device. Check your home’s status, change settings, and turn systems (e.g. alarms, air conditioning, and lights) on and off, no matter where you are!

Crimetek provides all the expertise you’ll need to pick out and install a home automation system. Equipment costs are dropping all the time, and the expense of installation is minimal when you work with professionals. Best of all, automating your home will make it more valuable as well as more comfortable: A properly-installed system will add significantly to your home’s resale value.