How Video Cameras Multiply the Strength of a New Orleans Home Security System

Crimetek has been producing the security systems New Orleans homeowners want for years, and the technology we can offer today is truly amazing. Thanks to the perfection of wireless technology and Internet security, equipping a New Orleans home security system with outstanding video surveillance is affordable and easy.

Hidden or Visible?

Modern surveillance cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes, enabling us to install them in virtually any area. Homeowners often ask us is whether it’s better to conceal video cameras (for better chances of successful surveillance) or make them obvious (for a deterrent factor). For a really comprehensive security system, we recommend using both methods. Visible cameras are especially effective for monitoring doors and windows from outside, where they can have a maximum deterrent effect. Inside, hidden cameras (often disguised as ordinary household fixtures like smoke detectors) provide increased coverage without being obtrusive.

Wired or Wireless?

We’re great believers in the power of wireless security equipment. Wireless cameras are easy to integrate into an existing New Orleans home security system, and they are as reliable as their wired cousins in virtually every respect. However, there’s still a place for traditional wired cameras in the security systems New Orleans homeowners get from Crimetek. For long-term camera installations where reliability is paramount, (e.g. fixed exterior cameras) we usually recommend wired set-ups.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Crimetek uses Vitek cameras to provide the strong surveillance component needed in a top-quality New Orleans home security system. These cameras give homeowners access to the latest and greatest technological refinements, including motion-sensor activation, low-light infrared vision, IP video recording, and real-time online monitoring. Check out a few of our preferred Vitek models here.

We believe that the security systems New Orleans homeowners really want don’t have to compromise on safety in order to be affordable. That’s why we use the very best video surveillance technology available when we design a new home security set-up. Costs are dropping every day, making it easier and easier to provide the protection our customers deserve.