For the Smart Homeowner in New Orleans Home Automation is the Next Big Thing

You can’t escape the fact: We live in a high-tech world today. Most of us are carrying telephones that are more powerful than commercial supercomputers from the 80s. Wireless Internet connections are everywhere, from offices and restaurants to your home. It’s time to make all of that technology work together to simplify your life. Crimetek, being a leader in the New Orleans home automation field, can show you how.

This is about a lot more than just getting your DVR and your computer to talk to each other. Crimetek uses a centralized control panel (the 2GIG Go! panel is our personal favorite) to tie all kinds of home electronics, appliances, and services together.

A strong security network is just one of the great features that comes with this panel. Not only does it coordinate alarms and sensors, it can also be linked directly to door and window locks and lights anywhere in the home. Responses to threats can be automatically programmed, and you can be notified of danger on your phone no matter where you are.

For the homeowners we work with in New Orleans home automation means convenience as well as safety. Home systems like heating, air conditioning, and lighting are usually tied into a automation system, giving you complete control anywhere in your home – or outside it. Thanks to simple modules that can be fitted to virtually any appliance, there’s no limit to what you can bring online!

Finally, don’t forget that the convenience of home automation pays dividends even after you move to a new home. In New Orleans home automation provides a big boost to the resale value of your house. Let Crimetek help you bring you up to the cutting edge of home automation and you’ll enjoy a tidy payoff when it’s time to sell your home.