Cut the Wires Before Intruders Can With a Wireless Home Security System

Security is a major concern for many New Orleans homeowners. Many local residents take steps to safeguard their homes without investigating the full range of modern possibilities, though. A wireless home security system provided by Crimetek is a terrific way to improve a home’s safety without spending vast sums of money.

A reliable alarm system is the heart of any home security setup. Traditional alarms have a critical weakness that’s easy to exploit: They rely on a home’s land telephone line to send their alarm messages. That’s not the case with the kind of wireless home security system Crimetek specializes in installing. “Wireless” means just what it says: Our alarms are not just controllable by mobile and Internet communication; they also use those same uninterruptible channels to notify homeowners (and security companies) of trouble.

Crimetek helps homeowners enhance their security by expanding their systems at any time. Because the cameras and sensors we work with are all wireless, they’re easy to add to an existing system. A Crimetek wireless home security system is essentially modular. Homeowners can add new features and new coverage whenever they want. This also allows us to design flexible systems that are suited to the individual homeowner’s needs instead of relying on a “one size fits most” solution.

The equipment that’s required for a modern wireless home security system is surprisingly affordable, and hardware prices are dropping all the time. Crimetek’s services are also priced to compete, and the modest cost of professional design and installation is more than justified by the expertise and convenience they put at the homeowner’s disposal. For the best in modern home security, wireless is the way to go!