Dec 15, 2012

Does Your New Orleans Home Security System Fit in Your Pocket? It Should!

When it comes to the safety of your home and family, there’s no such thing as being too protected. Every feature we can add to a good New Orleans home security system translates into increased peace of mind for you, the homeowner. Crimetek offers a wide range of cutting-edge security technology that can make it easier than ever to keep your home safe. At the heart of many of our security installations is the same kind of centralized control panel…Read More

Oct 22, 2012

Cut the Wires Before Intruders Can With a Wireless Home Security System

Security is a major concern for many New Orleans homeowners. Many local residents take steps to safeguard their homes without investigating the full range of modern possibilities, though. A wireless home security system provided by Crimetek is a terrific way to improve a home’s safety without spending vast sums of money. A reliable alarm system is the heart of any home security setup. Traditional alarms have a critical weakness that’s easy to exploit: They rely on a home’s land telephone…Read More