Nov 18, 2012

The Best Security Systems New Orleans Has to Offer are Wireless and Modular

Categories: Crimetek.

Crimetek handles all of your networking needs – both wireless and hardwired – in the home. That definitely includes security equipment, and we have plenty of experience building the kinds of security systems New Orleans homeowners want. Here are some key features to look for in a good up-to-date security system: Convenience Modern wireless technology means it’s easy to access a security system remotely using a smartphone or other Internet device. Crimetek recommends using a reliable control panel (like the…Read More

Oct 09, 2012

Want a Classier Home Life Without a Big Bill? Try a Home Automation System from Crimetek!

In days gone by, living comfortably involved having the wealth to run a big house and employ a flock of servants. Household staffs have disappeared for all but the very wealthiest people, but technology is stepping up to fill in the gaps. A good home automation system can make it feel like you have expert employees in your home, catering to your every whim. This is neither pie-in-the-sky dreaming nor an expensive luxury. Thanks to modern wireless technology, establishing a…Read More